Welcome to Online Retail Blueprints where you'll find guides aka blueprints to help you accelerate success in your business after choosing to use the Maropost Commerce Cloud platform. 

The number #1 goal of Online Retail Blueprints is to help you grow your business faster, smarter, all without sacrificing what really matters, your life, your family and your personal connections.

Maropost Commerce Cloud is a huge platform, designed to serve multiple different types of business. 

But we agree with you that it can be complex. 

Our aim is to simplify it for you, making it easier for you to get things done that you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t have the resources to do.

This first version of Online Retail Blueprints is being released with a single blueprint all about optimising Maropost Commerce Cloud site speed. 

Each future course will contain multiple easy to follow video tutorials that guide you one- on-one how to get the best results from the Maropost Commerce Cloud platform.

You'll receive tweaks and tricks on how to make your Maropost Commerce Cloud store do more that even perhaps it was designed to do.

Clever hacks to make Maropost Commerce Cloud jump through your hoops instead of the other way around.


Peter teaches you everything in an easy way and nothing seems too difficult.

by Monique Hession | CEO & Founder I Snuggle Hunny Kids

In a nutshell Peter is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Maropost Commerce Cloud and e-commerce as a whole. We have worked together now for over 2 years and is my first point of call for everything related to the Maropost Commerce Cloud platform. I could not recommend anyone more highly enough. No question is to hard to solve and if there is a not a quick fix, Peter will invent a way to make things work for your business on this platform. I have learnt a lot from Peter, as a rookie Maropost Commerce Cloud owner myself there is a lot to learn and I always turn to Peter to teach me how to use the software and make the most of its benefits. Peter teaches you everything in an easy way and nothing seems too difficult. Whether it would be how to find a change/add something in Maropost Commerce Cloud or tweak a report, so it is customisable to your business, or even build and design an add on to make it work even smoother for you, Peter is my go-to with all the answers. There is so much to learn from Peter, and I am constantly learning and growing from his wisdom and knowledge. He is efficient, quick to support and gets in and helps you and as he does so he teaches you along the way. By consulting with Peter our website has gone from a basic one to a visually user-friendly website that continues to perform at the highest level with increasing conversation rates and results. Monique.

Peter lives and breathes this stuff, and the program will be jam packed full of golden nuggets that you can implement yourself straight away.

by Andrew Aranovitch | Director | sparkydirect.com.au

Peter Harback is a wizard on the Neto platform, Peter has extensive knowledge of all things Maropost Commerce Cloud, over the past few years I have engaged Peter's services many times, he impressed me so much that I contracted him to completely redesign and code my complete website in 2020. Prior to this he helped me out countless times with tweaks and modifications. Nothing is too hard for Pete. He has an analytic mind that can pinpoint exactly what work is required to be done and he gets the job done fast. He not only completes the work requested but he also explains what he has done including the details on how to run or operate the modifications via a comprehensive "live" video presentation. Whenever I need any technical work done to enhance my website, I call Peter. I rate him 10 out 10 for Service, Knowledge, Speed of delivery and Value for money. (plus, he is a really nice guy). When I found out that he is making a Maropost Commerce Cloud Blueprint program I thought to myself, I wish he had made this years ago. He lives and breathes this stuff, and the program will be jam packed full of golden nuggets that you can implement yourself straight away.

I cannot wait to join Neto Blueprint

by Tom Parsons | eCommerce Manager | artshedonline.com.au

Over the last 3 years we have regularly worked with Peter to implement a raft of design changes and improve the functionality of our Maropost Commerce Cloud site. He truly is a guru when it comes to all things Maropost Commerce Cloud, whenever I get stuck with something Neto related the first person I think to contact is Peter. Before working with Pete there were things we put in the 'too hard basket' which we thought just were not going to be possible, but through working with him we have discovered the potential that Neto platform has to offer to those that have the tools at their disposal. This said, I cannot wait to join Blueprint and learn as much as I possibly can from the master!

A Bit About Peter Harback

Creator Online Retail Blueprints | Founder CoolThings Australia

A serial "Figure-out-er-er" Peter loves helping people get the most out of the Maropost Commerce Cloud platform by what he has learned first hand on his own journey with the platform.

He's the founder of online retail gift store CoolThings Australia and uses a retailer-first approach when helping people.

Peter brings a nothing-held-back approach to all his teaching and training and loves to help people get more done in less time and make more money in their online retail business.

He's a big fan of Maropost Commerce Cloud, however also looks to 3rd Party solutions that seamlessly integrate to improve performance and usability!

Affiliation: Online Retail Blueprints is privately run and is not endorsed or supported by Maropost Australia Pty Ltd