Who Is The Neto Speed Optimisation Blueprint for?

  • You're running a business that is growing their sales year on year.

  • You can make time to implement the optimisation recommendations or are able to hire someone who does.

  • You are a positive person and always are looking for opportunities to improve your business.

What You Get In This Blueprint

All the details of what you get in this blueprint.

  • Instant Access to All Blueprint Content

    Hey, there's absolutely no drip-feeding going on in this blueprint. You get instant access to every bit of it right up front so you can start implementing right away. Hours of video, code snippets, easy to implement tips and more.

  • Unlimited Updates

    Optimisation techniques are constantly changing so as we discover new ways to implement optimisations in the Neto eCommerce platform you'll receive these updates within this Blueprint.

Blueprint Content Sneak Peek

All the sections in this Blueprint

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Introduction to Neto Speed Optimisation

    • Before Making Any Changes Watch This Video

    • Three Quick Wins You Can Implement Right Now For a Speed Boost

  • 2

    Hey Ain't Heavy, He's My IMAGE

    • Optimising Product Images

    • Optimising Banner Images

    • It's All About The Pixels

    • Live Product Image Optimisation Example

  • 3

    Its All About The Cache

    • Caching in Neto

    • Speed up your page load by pregenerating your cache.

  • 4

    Let's Get Lazy!

    • What The Heck is Lazy Loading?

    • Implementing Lazy Loading in Neto

  • 5


    • Introduction to Minification

    • Check for Unminified Javascript files in your Neto eCommerce Store

  • 6

    Embedding Youtube The Right Way

    • Embedding YouTube The Right Way

  • 7

    Preconnects & Preload Third Party Tools & Internal Resources

    • Preconnect and Preload - How to Implement in Neto

    • Preload Product Thumb on Product Pages to Improve Lighthouse Score

  • 8

    What The Heck is CLS & How Do I Improve It?

    • What the Heck is CLS?

    • Tips for Improving CLS score in Neto

  • 9

    How to massively speed up page to page navigation!

    • Demonstration of the technology & Important Warning

    • Implementing the Technology

  • 10

    Site Audits

    • Site Audits Introduction - What You'll Find in This Section

    • Quick Optimisation Audit for Mel

    • Quick Optimisation Audit for Jeremy - Part 1

    • Quick Optimisation Audit for Jeremy - Part 2

    • Quick Optimisation Audit for Tom - How to Optimise Facebook Chat Widget

    • Quick Optimisation Audit for Lachlan - Problem with Third Party Widgets Embedded on Every Page + Implementing a Proper Theme Build Routine

    • Quick Optimisation Audit for Nikki - Large Contentful Paint & External Libraries

    • Quick Optimisation Audit for Rod - CLS, How LazyLoading Can Be Bad - Trick with Font Awesome

Launch Bonus #1 - 2 LEFT

The First 10 People Who Purchase This Blueprint

  • Optimisation Audit - 2 LEFT

    The first 10 people who purchase this blueprint will receive a quick video audit on their Neto eCommerce store outlining areas to directly improve the speed and page score of their site. Audit will be posted directly into the blueprint for easy access. Audit value: $220.00


Seeing a measurable jump in conversions from our changes!

by Lachlan Bush - Marketing & Development at Artist Guitars

Thanks to Peters program, We were able to implement great processes into our website template, sort out heaps of little problems, halve our page speed, including even seeing a measurable jump in conversions from our changes! Peter has given us the answers to a lot of problems we have had for years that were solved in one course, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this blueprint to anyone using a neto store. His experience and knowledge helped us to realign our development strategies and we now have a much faster and much less glitchy user experience, with a much more clear development roadmap laid out.

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Go through the Neto Speed Optimisation Blueprint and if you implement and are not happy then I'll give you your money back.

No fuss, No hassles. I promise.
30 Day Guarantee

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